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If you’re feeling stuck right now, or are lacking direction, need help to sort out a relationship problem, or need someone to talk to who can support you and help you with your life,

I’d love to help you. 

I’d love to work with you so you can clear what’s holding you back + thrive!

Emotional Integration Session (90min)


Emotional Integration Sessions offer a deep level of emotional support and an immersive energetic experience. They’re my signature offering and the most potent sessions available for lasting change.


The way I'll support you in these sessions is by... 

  • Identifying the current state of your energy system and where you’re most blocked, and connecting with and explaining how this is likely affecting your life right now.

  • Taking you on a (safe and supported) internal journey through your own body, energy field and chakras - you’ll get to know, understand and connect with yourself on a much deeper level.

  • Guiding and supporting you to clear your blockages throughout the session, and reclaim and heal missing parts of yourself, which have been unknown (but often major) factors contributing to your relationship/money/work/health problems.

  • Helping you understand how the imprints and burdens from specific past experiences (which you may not have thought about) have been causing you to act and react in ways that stop you from reaching your goals and having the life and relationships you want (and helping you heal this!).

  • Providing guidance and energetic support and healing during the session, as well as giving you simple, specific and targeted take-home practices to continue your progress and stay balanced.


You'll leave the session with lots of perspective, insight and intuitive wisdom to help you on your spiritual journey and life path.

These sessions are designed to help you...


  • Work with current issues that have recently surfaced in your life.

  • Shift long-standing emotional blockages and deep-seated issues.

  • Tap in to your inner truth and gain clarity about your aspirations and deeper purpose.

  • Let go of limiting patterns, beliefs and subconscious programs to align with your authentic intentions and goals.

  • Move out of overwhelm or stress and into freedom of choice.

  • Trust and strengthen your connection to your self.

  • Take action and make aligned choices in your life.

  • Create the inner space and freedom to access peace.

  • Upgrade your energy systems and raise your vibration.

  • Evolve and expand towards your truest and most empowered self.

Image by Samuel Austin

"My sessions with Danni have helped to release old wounds and build my self-worth and love for myself, and now I find it much easier to stay present. It’s also amazing to feel so in touch with my body after years of living in my head!"

Emily W.


"I came to Danni on recommendations from two trusted friends and colleagues. Since then I’ve had incredible shifts in my mindset, energy and limiting beliefs. All this has had a significant impact on my work, business, relationships and self-worth. I’m consistently amazed at the deep level of healing and release that I continue to feel in each session."


Image by Content Pixie

"Since working with Danni, I have been able to voice out my feelings, set healthy boundaries & communicate assertively. For the first time I am living my truth with no fear. So thank you Danni, my life has transformed because of the beautiful process I experienced through your work."

Lamisha S.


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