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About Danni

Advanced Energy Work + Emotional Wellbeing


My passion is to guide and support you to understand + release your emotional blockages, so you can live a life of ease and joy.


My Journey


I began this quest for deeper meaning at a time when I was really struggling. I was experiencing a sense of purposelessness, exhaustion and despair. Who was I? What was I here for? What was the point of it all?


For me the journey began with receiving treatments of Applied Kinesiology and EFT, a chiropractic kinesiology technique combined with tapping to balance the mind, body and emotions.

This triggered a major shift for me into an expanded state of awareness. The door was suddenly wide open and life held so many possibilities.

Over the next few years I immersed myself in all things healing, growth and self discovery, and went on to complete a Certificate IV and a Diploma in Kinesiology.

Not long into my professional career in this field, I undertook additional training and mentorship in advanced energy work, and have continued to develop and refine these skills and approaches year upon year.

I've also expanded into the world of nervous system support and regulation, and am currently completing further training to broaden and deepen my skillset in this area.

I particularly love assisting people to resolve emotional blockages, connect more deeply to themselves and feel more empowered. I am constantly inspired by the evolutionary leaps that occur in my clients and their transformational journeys.

Want to get in touch? Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you!  


   Supporting you to:


  • Release the emotional, mental and energetic blockages that interfere with living your life and reaching your goals

  • Clear negative subconscious patterns and beliefs and create new ways of responding and relating to life

  • Understand and work with the underlying factors that create or contribute to your life problems

  • Move through and resolve stress that's stuck in your system, including deep emotional triggers


  • Release and balance stored stress patterns to give you more freedom to consciously respond, rather than react ​

  • Strengthen your connection to your energy field and create lasting change in your life

  • Cultivate more stability, flexibility, inner peace, clarity and emotional balance

  • Access greater levels of energy, vitality and freedom​

I use holistic and integrative techniques and resources to guide and support you in our sessions together, as well as offering deeply supportive + advanced energy work with the chakras, meridian energy channels and subtle energy.


Let’s Work Together

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